Welcome to my blog!

I am Jodi, the person behind the camera

I've spent the past seven years snapping away with my Canon EOS 350D. My main interests are landscapes and portraits, but I'm really interested in weather photography, I am still chasing the perfect lightning shot. I am not ashamed to say I take more bad photographs that I do good ones, as I have a lot of fun doing it.

As for my day job, I am studying for my Bachelor of Arts - Internet Communications with Curtin University and I run around after 3 very energetic children who are at times very reluctant models.

I first found my love of photography back in high school, when I opted to take the photography course simply because I thought it would be an easy class, I loved being in the dark room watching my photographs come to life.

Feel free to comment on any photographs or posts, would love to hear what you think.

Now time I got back behind the camera.

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