Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Importance of Photography

The camera sees more than the eye, so why not make use of it? -Edward Weston

Photography plays an important role in our society and our history, it is used to capture moments in our lives and yet how many of us think of that when we press the shutter button.  At times it is not until the subject of one of the images passes on or the opportunity to revisit a place passes that we realise the importance of the photograph and then we are left with nothing but the memories. 

Photography helps us relive the past and in a way to keep in touch with the past. Whether we realise it or not we all seem to have a camera of some description, be it on our mobile phones, the simple point and shoot variety or an SLR. There are all of these devices to capture those moments in our lives. ‘Photos are little legacies of the life we have led – our travels, experiences, food, family, friends, work relationships and more (Dutile n.d). They evoke emotions, both happy and sad. They can be both ugly and beautiful. They freeze time, yet keep it alive. These are the reasons why photography is so important. You only have to look on social media sites to see the types of photographs that are uploaded, capturing every moment of one’s life. Photography is stimulating since in order for photographs to be connected to and to communicate with others; we must understand what it is we are attempting to show or say and then how to execute it.

There are so many ways that photography plays a role in our society, however the importance of it and the reasons why is purely subjective. Everyone views photography differently, depending on why you are taking photographs. However, you would have to agree it is a great way to document history, be it family, nature or what is happening in your part of the world.

Photography is such a flexible and versatile art which has branched out to specialized area like press, sport, nature, wild life, bird photography etc. (Rarima n.d). So the question is do you know why you take photographs, is it to remember events or people, to portray the beauty in the world or create works of art?

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